1994 - 2000

  • 2000


    Launched auction business platform


    Launched first convenience-store-based payment and fulfillment platform business (Registered business model patent jointly with Lawson)


    Established G-Port as a joint enterprise with Shaddy, the leading catalog gift company in Japan


    JASDAQ, Initial Public Offering of Digital Garage

    Developed and launched first convenience-store-based payment and fulfillment system

  • 1999


    Introduced open-source application server, Zope


    Established the Electric Commerce Institute to provide marketing, e-commerce consulting, and Internet-related research services


    Launched Web Nation: EC Site offering music and entertainment related products. Developed fully automated supply chain (Fulfillment and payment systems) (developed with the cooperation of TIS, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd?and Lilac Co, Ltd)
    Registered business patent for above system (October 2002, service transferred to IQI)〉

    Introduced Open-source Zope
    Launched E-commerce site with automated logistical system (including: Inventory status confirmation, delivery detail selection, etc.)
    Jointly developed e-commerce portal for convenience store chains with Lawson

  • 1998

    Sonic Net JAPAN

    Localized and adapted of the popular rock-music site from the U.S. (Internet broadcast of Fuji-Rock Festival)


    "Fit- Kansei": Web User Survey System with Cluster Analysis jointly developed with the Communication Science Institute

    Launched first online CD shop in Japan

    Began music-related database service

  • 1997


    Localization and sales of Ultraseek search technology began (Now sold under "Autonomy Ultraseek" brand)

    Provided robot-based (spider-based) search technology for corporate and government use

  • 1996


    Introduced the world's first commercial Internet provider to Japanese market


    Localized and launched Infoseek search engine service in Japan (In 1999 sold to Disney Group)


    Established Digital Advertising Consortium, a consortium of advertising agencies specializing in Digital Media advertising

    Japan's first robot-based search engine

    Established of first consortium in advertising industry

  • 1995

    Internet World Expo ,96

    Internet World Expo '96, the world's first "cyber-space expo" connecting 80 countries. In charge of technical aspects for Japan


    World. Jr. Summit: event connected children from 40 countries by the Internet, hosted by Isao Okawa. Digital Garage provided technical services

    Supported Internet streaming media event, and managed public Internet access spaces (Internet World Expo, 96)

    "Internet Café in Shibuya"(with IBM)

  • 1994


    Created Japan's first personal homepage

    Began homepage creation business (eccosys, From Garage)

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