Disclosure Policy

Basic policy

Digital Garage, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company") makes efforts for the transparent, fair and continuous supply of information in a timely manner to all of its shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.
Our basic policy is to disclose information in compliance with the regulations on timely disclosure established under the Securities and Exchange Law and by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
Our Company also strives to disclose information to which the timely disclosure regulations do not apply as proactively and quickly as possible, if we consider it useful in making Our Company understood.

Information disclosure methods

Information to which the timely disclosure regulations apply is disclosed in accordance with said regulations through the Timely Disclosure network (TD-NET).
Information to which the regulations, etc., do not apply is disclosed through such methods as the distribution of materials or through publication on our Website.

Silent period

To prevent leaks and to ensure the fairness of settlement information, Our Company designates a certain period between the day following the settlement date and the announcement date of financial statements as a "silent period." During this period, we make it a rule to refrain from answering or commenting on any question about account settlement. If it becomes likely that our business performance will deviate significantly from forecasts during this silent period, however, we disclose such information under the timely disclosure regulations.