Digital Garage and Dentsu to establish a joint venture, Dentsu ScienceJam, to commercialize results of latest scientific research

~Promoting commercial use of measurement/analysis technology of brain waves as a first step~

Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE JASDAQ 4819, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President & Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi, henceforth “DG”) and DENTSU INC. (TSE1 4324, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President & CEO: Tadashi Ishii, henceforth, “Dentsu”) established a joint venture, Dentsu ScienceJam Inc. (henceforth, “Dentsu ScienceJam”), to commercialize the latest findings of cutting-edge scientific research. The company was established today and will begin its operation on August 7th.

Though there are many seeds that can be nurtured into big business in Japan’s state-of-the-art scientific researches, many scientists and researchers have limited opportunities to connect them to a business, and their studies do not necessarily get utilized to their full potential.

With this background, while Dentsu has a track record of developing tools and services that open up a new era with new ideas and innovations, DG has incubated numerous ventures by identifying the latest digital services since the dawn of the Internet era, leading the two to jointly establish Dentsu ScienceJam in order to promote the commercialization of research results in the science field.

Dentsu ScienceJam will develop its own products and services utilizing the know-hows and its mobility through identifying and partnering with the researchers and scientists with notable research results. While utilizing their own strengths, Dentsu and DG will also promote the development of new businesses and incubation of new markets through collaborations with companies from various fields.

As a first step, Dentsu ScienceJam will partner with Yasue Mitsukura*, an Associate Professor at Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University and a leading researcher in the measurement and analysis of brain waves, to begin business development. Dentsu will take advantage of its know-hows accumulated through its pilot studies such as the neurowear project where they developed necomimi, which has become known worldwide as a brain-communication tool, and mico, a music recommendation engine based on brain waves (in collaboration with Associate Professor Mitsukura).
*Appointed to Chief Technology Officer and Non-Executive Director of Dentsu Science Jam

Outline of the new venture is as follows:

【Outline of Dentsu Science Jam】
・Company Name : Dentsu ScienceJam Inc.
・Capital : 180 million JPY(Dentsu 66.7%, DG 33.3%)
・Head Office : 4-2-28 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(URL :
・Established : 1st August 2013

・Description of Business :
    1. Promoting new business development and joint research by collaborating with companies
    2. Planning and developing own products and services utilizing latest technologies
    3. Providing latest marketing services such as research methods incorporating brain-wave analysis
    4. Assisting companies with ideas and planning in new product development utilizing latest technologies
・Representatives :
    Masataka Hosogane, President and Representative Director
    (Executive Creative Director, Communication Design Center, DENTSU INC.)
    Toshitaka Kamiya, Representative Director
    (Director, Business Development, Communication Design Center, DENTSU INC.)

【About Dentsu Inc.】
Consolidated Net Sales : 1,941,223 million JPY (as of FYE March 2013)
Capital : 71,204.7 million JPY (as of July 29, 2013)
Head Office : 1-8-1, Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative : Tadashi Ishii, President & CEO
Number of Employees : 7,515 (Non-Consolidated); 37,450 (Consolidated) (as of March 31, 2013)

【About Digital Garage, Inc.】
Consolidated Net sales : 14,938.1 million JPY (as of FYE June 2012)
Capital : 7,330 million JPY (as of June 30, 2013)
Head Office : Daikanyama DG Bldg., 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative : Kaoru Hayashi, President & Group CEO
Number of Employees : 283 (Non-Consolidated); 376 (Consolidated) (as of June 30, 2012)

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