Digital Garage and Neo Innovation Launching New Context Services

Neo Innovation and Digital Garage are spinning out New Context Services (NCS). Last quarter NCS was launched under Neo Innovation as an Information Assurance and Systems Automation provider. Based on current market indicators around Enterprise Architecture and the movement towards Cloud Orchestration, DG & Neo have decided to re-organize NCS into a focused brand and business to address the need of global corporations to protect the integrity of their digital assets as they invest in Big Data & Predictive Analytics. Data Integrity, Data Loss Prevention and Cyber Liability associated with protecting their intellectual property, software, systems, trade secret information and brands is an urgent and compelling challenge for CEO’s, their CMO’s and CTO’s.

“While at Neo Innovation it became clear that we could help companies create products faster and streamline software development but the enterprise infrastructure often became a bottleneck.” said Daniel Riedel, CEO of NCS “The decision to focus on this market opportunity is the right direction. NCS is built to help enterprises build best practices around systems automation and information assurance so they can respond more rapidly to their markets. Security, global delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous integration are key components of cloud infrastructure, without these modern principles business will lose the ability to stay competitive in their own markets. “

NCS will continue to strengthen its strategic partnership with Guardtime™ (, the leader of digital integrity and data assurance, which gives NCS the lead in KSI training, architecture and deployment for enterprises that need solutions to give them the security they need to move to the cloud as well as to resist tampering and loss in their own environments. NCS will also be working closely with Opscode the leader in continuous deployment and systems automation by becoming a key professional services partner in training and systems integration with Chef.

“Guardtime is privileged to be working with NCS. Their execution and quality development capabilities punctuates our integration coalition to deliver solutions that combine Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) technology into a variety of Cloud, Mobility, Connected Vehicle, Security and Big Data Analytics applications. We believe this alliance will help our clients accelerate adoption of KSI while lowering their overall risks.” said Matthew Johnson, CTO for Guardtime USA.

In another move to ensure it’s success NCS is proud to announce that Jason Hoffman is joining its board to give additional leadership to NCS to ensure excellence in cloud computing, cloud orchestration and engineering.

“The application abstraction going forward is a world of devices with the network as the backplane. The network will also typically be a mobile network and there will be demands on these applications well beyond the usual for the web and traditional enterprise. This next wave of applications will range from industrial control systems to connected cars to medical devices and will revolutionize all industries. Digital Garage and the New Context Services teams are doing what they do best: thinking years ahead of others and moving to where the puck is going to be. I look forward to helping them in their mission. ” says Jason Hoffman, founder and former CTO of Joyent.

“We’re excited to spin out an organization that can focus the infrastructure challenges that our customers and other enterprises face.”, said Ian McFarland, Founder and Chairman at Neo Innovation, and Digital Garage’s Group CTO. “Too many projects are limited in their ability to innovate because of infrastructural concerns. Being able to solve these problems at scale will streamline our and our clients’ ability to innovate and respond quickly to change.”

About Neo Innovation
Neo Innovation, Inc. ( is a global product innovation company with offices in North and South America, Asia and Europe. Rooted in the belief that ‘building the right thing’ requires bringing together the best in business, technology and design, Neo takes an iterative, collaborative, evidence-based approach to product design and creation. Its global teams are composed of world-class engineers, designers and product managers. Neo’s clients cover the spectrum from startups to large enterprises and governments and include world-recognized organizations like Time Inc, American Express, PayPal, Sunlight Foundation, GE, AT&T, ICANN and Turnstone.

About New Context Services
New Context Services, Inc.( is focused on providing world-class systems automation, information assurance and cloud migration services. We make life better for people who manage large scale systems. We enable faster, more flexible, more secure software innovation. Our partners include IT leaders such as Guardtime, OpsCode and Joyent.

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