Digital Garage Invests in Monstar Lab, Inc, a Global Sourcing Business for IT Service Development

- Collaboration with Fintech and Marketing Technology Segments' Clientele -

Tokyo, November 02, 2015 -Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE JASDAQ: 4819, DG) has invested in Monstar Lab, Inc. The investment was completed through DG’s wholly-owned investment and incubation subsidiary DG Incubation, Inc. The two companies will collaborate to strengthen outsourcing of IT service development for domestic clientele by furthering Sekai Lab, an offshore app development platform connecting software developer teams all around the world.

“SEKAI LAB,” a service operated by Monstar Lab, Inc. subsidiary Sekai Lab Pte. Ltd., is a global outsourcing platform for IT software development. The strength of the service lies in its partnerships with various companies overseas to form a “global outsourcing platform,” with more than 500 teams of excellent engineers, creators, and directors from Japan and overseas. By creating this platform, clients will be able to find the most pertinent and relevant project managers, engineers, and creators to form a full-stack development team that fits each client’s needs and vision. This allows for flexible development projects based on needs, ranging from planning and proposal of services, development, maintenance, and customization to match local markets during globalization. Sekai Lab has offices in Singapore, the United States, China, Vietnam, and Bangledesh, with over 100 partner companies in 15 countries worldwide.

The fundraising from DGI to Monstar Lab aims to strengthen Monstar Lab’s subsidiary, Sekai Lab, and its recruitment of project managers to increase outsourced projects, as well as furthering Sekai Lab’s international marketing and development locations. DG Group, with its Financial Technology and Marketing Technology Segments, will utilize its client network and companies with new technologies in Japan, Asia, and the United States to help expand Sekai Lab’s global business.

Features of Global Outsourcing Development System
・Supports a wide variety of development projects
Sekai Lab is able to support large-scale projects involving the latest innovations such as smartphone applications, web development, IoT, AR/VR, and robotics. Support includes service planning, content creation, multilingual support, international customization, and manufacturing that fits the needs of companies in the financial, manufacturing, retail, and logistics space.

・ High quality full stack support while maintaining low costs with its “Labo Style” outsourcing
Clients can organize and outsource development teams overseas with Sekai Lab’s “Labo Style” outsourcing. Japanese clients who face issues with lack of development resources or high operating costs can save money on personnel expenses. Sekai Lab offers more flexible and cheaper than domestic contractors or outsourcing.

・Local marketing and localization support from excellent international development talents
Communication including proposal and acceptance of projects are done in Japanese for Japanese clients. The most pertinent team that works best with the client is carefully selected.

【About Monstar Lab】
Company Name: Monstar Lab, Inc.
Founding Date: February 3rd, 2006
Representative: CEO Hiroki Inagawa
Office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business: Service development, Global outsourcing (Sekai Lab, Inc.), Music business, Gaming business

【About Sekai Lab】
Company Name: Sekai Lab Pte. Ltd.
Founding Date: December 11th, 2013
Representatives: CEO Hiroki Inagawa, COO Ikkei Okuma
Office: Singapore (Headquarters), Tokyo
Business: Operates global outsourcing service SEKAI LAB

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