Digital Garage and TIS to Establish Strategic Technological Development Company DG Technologies to Develop FinTech-related Business

~Supporting the start-up of new businesses centered on next-generation technology through collaboration with R&D organization DG Lab~

Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819, HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Kaoru Hayashi, DG) and TIS Inc. (TSE first section: 3626, HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Toru Kuwano, TIS) have agreed to establish the strategic technological development company “DG Technologies” in order to develop FinTech-related businesses. Establishment is officially set for September 1st, 2016, with an ownership ratio of 80% for DG and 20% for TIS.

DG Technologies will conduct technological development in collaboration with DG Lab, the open platform R&D organization DG jointly founded with Inc. and Credit Saison Co. Ltd. DG Lab’s areas of primary focus for its cutting edge R&D are blockchain, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, security, and bio-technology, but DG Technologies is intended to start working on FinTech-related development making use of blockchain technology and development of the platform technology necessary for entering the commercialization stage based on DG Lab’s research results.

Ever since forming their capital alliance in 1999, DG and TIS have focused their collaborations on the field of payments. The relationship of mutual trust they have cultivated through these collaborations is what led to the current establishment of DG Technologies. In terms of FinTech-related technological development, DG will be providing the middleware developed at DG Lab based on the blockchain technology owned by DG-financed Blockstream Corp. TIS will be contributing engineers to DG Technologies as DG Lab’s technological development partner, as well as providing the know-how they have cultivated in financial systems development including credit card solutions.

In addition to blockchain technological development, DG Technologies will also be providing support for individual user companies during the transition phase from research to commercialization of the technologies developed at DG Lab. Furthermore, TIS plans on making use of the FinTech-related cutting edge technologies and platforms developed by DG Technologies for systems development for client corporations on a global scale where appropriate.

[DG Technologies Overview]

Company name: DG Technologies, Inc.
Headquarters: Daikanyama DG Bldg., 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Tokyo
Stock capitalization: 10 million yen (including capital reserve)
Ownership ratio: DG: 80%, TIS: 20%
Establishment date: September 1, 2016

[Digital Garage, Inc. Overview]
Digital Garage focuses on three main business areas: investment and growth support for internet services, marketing, and global online payments. Ever since its founding in 1995, Digital Garage has continuously expanded new internet technologies into the business world, including portal sites, e-commerce, internet ad sales, mobile communications, blogs and SNS. In July of 2016, Digital Garage jointly established open-platform R&D organization DG Lab along with Inc. and Credit Saison Co. Ltd. for the purpose of nurturing new business pillars from technological seeds, and they currently seek cooperative partners that endorse the concept.

[TIS Inc. Overview]
TIS, a member of the TIS INTEC Group, provides IT solution services, including system integration and entrusted development as well as service-style IT solutions, such as data center and cloud services. Concurrently, the company contributes to the growth of client businesses through the establishment of a global support network centering on China and the ASEAN region and more than 3,000 business partners in various industries, such as financial services, manufacturing, distribution and services, public sector services and telecommunications.
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