Digital Garage Supports Joint PoC Projects by 7 Major Companies and 5 Startups through “Open Network Lab Resi-Tech”

〜Solving Common Issues in Real Estate Industry: Work Force Shortage, Elderly Care and Redelivery〜

Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG) supports proof-of-concept projects carried out jointly by 7 major real estate, construction, and lifeline companies and 5 startups through “Open Network Lab Resi-Tech,” ( a global accelerator program for real estate-related startups, starting Thursday, August 1st.

DG has formed a consortium with major real estate, construction, and lifeline companies and started “Open Network Lab Resi-Tech” in November 2018, with the goal of developing and supporting promising startups with products and services that enrich the lives of people looking toward the fifth-generation communication technology (5G) era. This time by promoting proof-of-concept projects with multiple partner companies at the same time, DG and partners will shorten the lead time for standardization of the specifications to be confirmed in the projects. DG aims to solve common issues in the real estate industry, such as “work force shortage of building management”, “watching over the elderly” and “redelivery problems”. DG will continue to support the creation of new businesses and the resolution of social issues through communities that comprise partner companies and startups.

■ Partners (no particular order)
COSMOS INITIA Co.,Ltd., Takenaka Corporation, Tokyu Group, Tokyo Tatemono Co.,Ltd., Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc., Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp., Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd.

■ Summary for proof-of-concept projects
“Verification of out-of-home delivery for collective residence utilizing information technology” (Yper Inc.)
For home delivery in an auto-locking housing, provide means for receiving in the absence, and verify the demand and satisfaction of the service.

“Verification of advanced technology use for elderly care” (Origin Wireless Japan, Inc., Tellus You Care, Inc.)
Verify the possibility of quality and efficiency improvement of elderly care by monitoring the health condition of elderly utilizing radio-based sensoring equipment.

“Verification of security measures monitoring space with advanced technology” (Origin Wireless Japan, Inc.)
Verify the possibility of security measure for the nighttime office occupancy monitoring using household Wi-Fi and AI.

“Verification of efficiency improvement for check and record report in building management” (THIRD Inc.)
Verify the reduction of cost associated with managing real estate assets by introduction of business support IT tools.

“Verification of demand and satisfaction of small-scale trunk room service” (Data Science Professionals Inc.)
For the original collection and delivery type trunk room service (storage service) which can be used from a single box, verify the demand and satisfaction for users live in collective residence with delivery boxes and/or with shared house.

■ List of startups

・Yper Inc.

Representative : Tomoharu Uchiyama
Description : To solve a social issue of the redelivery problem, Yper is developing an app-linked mailbox alternative, OKIPPA. Users can easily prepare OKIPPA just by hanging the palm-sized bag at a front door. By linking the OKIPPA and the smart lock, the courier can gain access to the auto lock apartment and deliver items at a front door specified. The cumulative number of sales has surpassed 120,000 sets, and Yper aims to spread this service to 1 million households in 2019 with the mission of becoming an infrastructure for simplified delivery of parcels.

・Origin Wireless Japan, Inc.

Representative : Masato Marushige
Description : Our unique TRM™ is a sensor-less IoT technology that analyzes radio waves such as Wi-Fi and detects space conditions. For example, only with Wi-Fi communication, “Motion” detects indoor movement, “Breathing” performs respiration detection, “Guard” detects the opening and closing of doors and windows, “Falling” detects falling motion and “Tracking” measures indoor positioning. Advanced spatial detection is performed by combining these engines individually or in combination, and the variety of services can be provided.


Representative : Jun Inoue
Description : SaaS that streamlines real estate management operations that use a large amount of paper and fax. THIRD collects building information with apps, IoT devices, etc. and automate various manual operations. In addition, by replacing part of the management operations that rely on the senses and knowledge with AI, high-quality real estate management becomes possible without detailed information on the facilities. By implementing efficient real-estate management utilizing data, THIRD aims to free professionals from being dependent on individual management methods and maintain real-estate value with a scientific approach.

・Data Science Professionals Inc.

Representative : Akio Uchiyama
Description : Sharekura is a home delivery type trunk room service that can be easily stored and delivered using a smartphone or computer while staying at home at an affordable price from 180JPY per box. As a service that can be used from home like an expanded home storage, it solves the shortage of space due to the narrowing of urban housing in recent years. Sharekura realizes comfort of everyday life for its users by providing the feeling of “rooms with less things are quite large!”.

・Tellus You Care, Inc.

Representative : Tania A. Coke
Description : Tellus You Care was founded by two entrepreneurs with Google and Apple work experiences to improve senior care with advanced technology. To rapidly increase the elderly population, Tellus You Care will detect the health status of elderly people living in nursing homes or alone in their own home with a contactless small radar installed indoors. Furthermore, by monitoring the sleep condition of elderly utilizing the AI data processing, long-term health management is achieved.

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