Digital Garage Launches Programmatic Advertising Based on Effective Number of Seated Customers for its “SAKIZAKI TERUKO” Digital Signage Media

Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG) launches programmatic advertising based on effective number of seated customers for “SAKIZAKI TERUKO,” its digital signage media for hair salons.

“SAKIZAKI TERUKO” provides useful information to users about beauty, fashion, food, lifestyles, entertainment, and other parts of daily life based on the concept of “Comfortable and unique for everyone.” It is one of Japan’s largest digital signage media for hair salons, with over 10,000 terminals* installed at hair salons nationwide and a monthly reach of roughly 1 million people.

DG has added features to “SAKIZAKI TERUKO” to provide better convenience to advertisers and users, including advertising plans linked to various types of media. DG connects some “SAKIZAKI TERUKO” ad spaces to “MONOLITHS,” a digital signage network from Microad Digital Signage, Inc. (HQ: Tokyo; CEO; Seiichiro Anahara; MADS), to launch programmatic advertising for video ads. For the start of programmatic advertising, DG is building a billing system based on the effective number of seated customers using a function on “SAKIZAKI TERUKO” that confirms whether a customer is in the seat. Advertisers can flexibly set their budgets and advertising schedules (according to region, salon, date, day, time, weather, etc.) to serve ads tailored to the hair salon’s environment and changing user awareness.

■ Benefits of programmatic advertising
・Pay-per-view based billing
Advertisers are billed only for impressions while a user is seated, which provides more accurate viewing effects and allows for flexible budgeting.

・Area and time segmenting
Advertisers can refine their targeting down to a single salon or to one hour, which makes it possible to plan ads according to target consumers’ lifestyles.

・Reach and frequency
The interval between ad delivery can be set to optimize reach and frequency according to the time spent in the salon.

DG will continue expanding advertising options and functions on “SAKIZAKI TERUKO” to meet the increasingly diverse needs of advertisers in the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) market, which is expected to keep growing.

* As of March 31, 2021

【Inquiries about this service】
OOH Promotion Department; Marketing Technology Company; Digital Garage, Inc.

“MONOLITHS” is an integrated management service for digital signage ads offered by Microad Digital Signage, Inc. (MADS). Advertisers can use this service to set requirements according to their needs (time, area, location, etc.) to purchase digital signage ad spaces and deliver ads.

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