Digital Garage Jointly Invests in Airmeet, Event-led Customer Engagement Platform, with Sequoia Capital India through DG Daiwa Ventures

DG Daiwa Ventures Inc. (HQ: Tokyo; Representative Directors: Masahito Okuma and Akihiko Ogino; DG Daiwa Ventures), a joint venture between Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG) and Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (TSE first section: 8601; HQ: Tokyo; President & CEO: Seiji Nakata; Daiwa Securities Group), operates DG Lab Fund II E.L.P. Cayman (in short, DG Lab Fund II), an investment fund for global startups with next-generation technologies. Via this fund, DG Daiwa Ventures jointly invested in Airmeet Inc. (HQ: United States; CEO:Lalit Mangal; Airmeet) with Sequoia Capital India, as well as strategic investors. Airmeet, which offers event-led customer engagement platform, has raised a total of $35 million (approximately 4 billion yen) in this Series B round.

Currently, it is difficult to hold face-to-face events in Japan due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and events are rapidly moving online. In addition, the global market is expected to grow to over $810,200 million by 2030.

Airmeet is an event-driven customer engagement platform to establish communication with audience members worldwide via rich, appealing, immersive event experiences by companies, groups, educational institutions, small to medium enterprises, communities, government institutions, and other organizations. It provides a product that combines online and offline features that existing solutions do not have, such as backstage preparation, breakout rooms, and networking session capabilities. Airmeet enables the building of long-term relationships as companies or communities to hold events to connect with their audiences, take part in meaningful conversations, and exchange feedback. Airmeet allows many industries to dig deeper into their audience’s needs, leveraging a high degree of interactivity, and increase customer engagement.

Airmeet achieved significant growth last year through word of mouth in its existing user community, including famous brands. Today more than 5,500 brands around the world use Airmeet to hold events. With this funding, Airmeet will focus more on strategic activities to expand its business globally, invest in research and development, develop its GTM function, and boost its product recognition as a brand in the worldwide market.

DG provides hands-on support to promising entrepreneurs inside and outside Japan via its startup investment and incubation business, starting with DG Daiwa Ventures. In addition, DG has been supporting overseas startups in their expansion into the Japanese market through collaboration with DG’s global network across Japan, the US, Asia, and Europe. DG will help Airmeet enrich its services and expand Japanese business through this investment.

DG will continue creating next-generation businesses across the Group and implementing co-creation with stakeholders to contribute to a sustainable society.

【About Airmeet】
Name: Airmeet Inc.
Established: July 23, 2019
Representative: CEO Lalit Mangal
HQ: United States

【About DG Daiwa Ventures】
Name: DG Daiwa Ventures Inc.
Address: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Established: July 1, 2016
Representative: Representative Director Masahito Okuma and Akihiko Ogino

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