Digital Garage Supports “OiTr” Introduction by 6 Major Real Estate Companies Through “Onlab Resi-Tech”

Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG) supports the introduction of “OiTr,” a service that provides sanitary pads free of charge from OiTr, Inc. (HQ: Tokyo; President and CEO: Taichi Omura), at 20 facilities operated and managed by major real estate companies COSMOS INITIA Co.,Ltd.; Tokyu Group; Tokyo Tatemono Co.,Ltd.; Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.; and Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. through “Open Network Lab Resi-Tech,” a global accelerator program for real estate-related startups. By encouraging the availability of free sanitary pads in private restrooms, DG strives to create a society where women can live comfortably.

“Period poverty” is increasing as many women struggle to buy sanitary products because of financial reasons and others. This issue is becoming increasingly severe in other countries due to poverty, economic circumstances, customs, cultures, and other causes. Although there is a growing trend in Japan of private-sector facilities and local governments providing free sanitary products, many serious issues exist, including misunderstanding and insufficient knowledge about women’s menstrual cycles.

“OiTr” is a service that installs and provides free sanitary pads in private restrooms at shopping malls, offices, schools, public facilities, and other locations. The objective is to create a society where sanitary products are available anytime in restrooms, just like toilet paper, to reduce the women’s burdens. OiTr, Inc. has installed dispensers and conducted proofs of concept at department stores, mass retailers, and other commercial facilities, as well as facilities such as offices and schools.

■ Service Image

Along with six major real estate companies that endorse “OiTr,” DG will promote its introduction through “Onlab Resi-Tech.” At the same time, OiTr, Inc. will work via this program with multiple major real estate companies to reduce the lead time for bringing this service into widespread use in society. DG Group has decided to promote ESG initiatives from an earth-centric perspective under the concept of “Earthshot.” DG aims to build social infrastructure that lets women live anywhere comfortably through this initiative.

■ Comments from companies that have introduced the OiTr service, and dispenser locations
In our business, we strive to resolve social issues according to our mission of “Next GOOD: For our customers. For society. We create new values with ideas a step ahead.” We are working to provide facilities and spaces that women can use with peace of mind via “OiTr” through “Onlab Resi-Tech.” The service is available at some facilities and public facilities operated by COSMOS INITIA and the Group: “ETOWA KASAMA,” an outdoor resort that provides new value; “MID POINT,” rental offices that bring workplaces and residences together; and “MIMARU,” apartment hotels that satisfy mid-to long-term accommodation needs for families and groups.

〈Dispenser locations〉
・ETOWA KASAMA ( ※Introduction scheduled in March
・MID POINT Shibuya Shinsen ( ※Introduction scheduled in March
・MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori (※Introduction scheduled in March

Tokyu Group
SHIBUYA109ENTERTAINMENT Corporation’s corporate philosophy is, “Making You SHINE! Bringing Sparkle to and Making Dreams Come True for the New Generation Today.” We refer to the opinions of young people as we help resolve social issues. SHIBUYA109 lab., an institute that researches young people, conducted a survey titled “Awareness of Periods Among Generation Z.” This showed they particularly want “environments where women can feel peace of mind even if their period arrives unexpectedly.” “OiTr” is designed for the burdens that women face, and we hope women will feel some relief while using it at our facilities. We will continue sharing the voices of young people with society.

〈Dispenser locations〉

Tokyo Tatemono Co.,Ltd.
We introduced “OiTr” in some women’s restrooms used by employees at our Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Building (Head Office) to improve employee satisfaction. We must resolve this gender gap in which only women experience difficulties while working and other inconveniences due to a physiological phenomenon. We are verifying how we can improve and solve this problem even by a small degree and how comfortable office environments for women can boost productivity. Furthermore, Tokyo Tatemono and THE SANKEI BUILDING plan to bring “OiTr” to Hareza Tower, which was opened on July 1, 2020 inside Hareza Ikebukuro. We will also install “OiTr” in the women’s restrooms on floors one and seven, which are open to facility visitors, to help improve convenience for people coming to this area and help create a sustainable society.

〈Dispenser locations〉
・Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Building (Head Office) (
・Hareza Tower*2 (

Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.
Nomura Real Estate Holdings will continue utilizing knowledge and network of “Onlab Resi-Tech” to create new value with partner companies to promote sustainable urban development. We hope introducing “OiTr” at Group businesses will make facilities where people can work in a fulfilling way with peace of mind and build future trust. We aim for a society of wellness in which all sorts of people can be active.

〈Dispenser locations〉
・H¹T (H¹T Omotesando, H¹T Shimokitazawa by W, H¹T by W Shinjuku South East Entrance, H¹T Chitose-karasuyama, H¹T Futako-tamagawa、H¹T Nihonbashi)
・SOCOLA (SOCOLA Minamigyotoku、SOCOLA Yoga, SOCOLA Wakabadai) (※Introduction scheduled in May
・H¹O (H¹O Shibuya Jinnan) ( ※Introduction scheduled in June

Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.
We are creating comfortable facilities and solving social issues by participating in “Onlab Resi-Tech.” We have introduced “OiTr” at some private restrooms in HEP FIVE, a fashion building known as a trendy spot in Kansai area with a bright red Ferris wheel. In this way, we aim to offer commercial facilities that customers can patronize with peace of mind and create a society where women can live with peace of mind.

〈Dispenser locations〉
・HEP FIVE (※Introduction scheduled in March

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
We sympathize with “OiTr,” which has a philosophy of “contributing to the correction of imbalances such as economic disparities and gender gaps,” and conducted a proof of concept in March 2021 at Mitsui Shopping Park, LaLaport FUJIMI (Fujimi City, Saitama), which is managed and operated by the Mitsui Fudosan Group. After that, we have installed a total of 120 units in the private rooms of the women’s restrooms for the first time in a commercial facility. We are considering introducing them in other facilities as well, in order to operate commercial facilities that can be used safely by women customers.

〈Dispenser locations〉
・MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE(※Introduction scheduled in March
・MITSUI SHOPPING PARK LaLaport FUKUOKA(※Introduction scheduled in April

While the social and industrial structure is undergoing significant changes, DG is promoting a group strategy, “DG FinTech Shift,” that integrates payments and data to drive DX in Japan. DG will continue contributing to creating a sustainable society in line with our corporate purpose of “Designing ‘New Contexts’ for a sustainable society with technology.”

*1: Operated by SHIBUYA109ENTERTAINMENT Corporation.
*2: Hareza Tower is jointly operated by Tokyo Tatemono Co.,Ltd. and THE SANKEI BUILDING CO., LTD.
*3: MITSUI SHOPPING PARK LaLaport FUJIMI started working on this project before “Onlab Resi-Tech” began.

【About OiTr, Inc.】
The vision is “Good for you and good for society.” We launched “OiTr” based on the mission of “Solving social issues through business.” Cooperation from companies that endorse its initiatives make it possible to achieve social innovation for creating social value and building sustainable social infrastructure. Our social initiatives in facilities are connected to reliably solving social issues, not just promoting “social good” through advertising. We hope you will support our attempts.

【About Open Network Lab Resi-Tech】
“Open Network Lab Resi-Tech” is a global accelerator program for real estate-related startups. Since starting “Open Network Lab,” Japan’s first accelerator program, in 2010, DG has expanded its open innovation programs tailored to specific regions and domains, and has held more than 30 programs so far. It formed a consortium of major real estate, construction, and lifeline companies in November 2018 to operate “Open Network Lab Resi-Tech.” Utilizing the DG Group’s global network and startup support experience, Open Network Lab Resi-Tech has collaborated with major outstanding companies in Japan that lead the real estate, building, and lifeline industries—as well as prominent Japanese cities—to support co-creation with startups in the real estate and construction industries.

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