“VeriTrans4G” Comprehensive Payment Service Linked with ServiceNow’s “Now Platform,” a Digital Workflow Platform

~Completing Payments and Other Work Processes Online to Help Promote DX by Local Governments, Organizations, and others~

DG Financial Technology, Inc. (HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President, Co-COO: Hiroshi Shino; DGFT), a payment service provider and subsidiary of Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE Prime: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG) linked its comprehensive payment service “VeriTrans4G” with “Now Platform,” a digital workflow platform from ServiceNow (HQ: Tokyo; Vice President and Managing Director: James McCready; ServiceNow Japan).

The government is implementing various measures to support DX by Japanese companies due to the possibility that the continual use of their aging, complicated IT systems will weaken competitive strength, bringing about economic loss of up to 12 trillion yen from 2025 on.

Digitalization is conspicuously delayed at government administrative organs, and efforts are being made for digital government using digital technologies to improve administrative services, such as building data environments and online managerial procedures. Local governments are also expected to speed up their DX further to optimize administrative management and improve convenience for residents according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ plan for promoting DX of local governments.
Administrative services provided by local governments have mainly used paper-based processes. Residents and other persons often must submit applications or take part in consultations in person. This requires a great deal of time and labor, both for employees and residents. There are also many cases where these services are complex for residents to use. For instance, unique business processes and systems exist in individual divisions, with separate registrations and applications required for particular services. Also, due to the shortage of digital human resources, important systems are not being integrated to create easy-to-use structures.

To resolve these issues, ServiceNow is cooperating with partners that offer highly specialized services and applications to public organizations and the public sector as an initiative to support the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ plan for promoting DX of local governments. It provides solutions based on the “Now Platform” to help local governments implement DX. The linkage of “Now Platform” and “VeriTrans4G” allows local governments to provide a one-stop online service that streamlines various administrative services and operations and includes payment functions for facility reservations and fees.

“Now Platform” uses the API connector “Spoke” to connect with external systems easily. “VeriTrans4G” is provided as an online payment connector, “VeriTrans4G Connector,” and offers three payment methods: credit card payment, convenience store payment, and PayPay. Local governments and companies that introduce “Now Platform” can easily implement payment methods at lower costs and fewer person-hours required for system connection. This application will be available on ServiceNow’s “ServiceNow Store site (Japanese version),” which introduces solutions from its partners. Visitors can view detailed product information and apply for trial usage.

DGFT and ServiceNow Japan will continue collaborating to support DX by companies in various fields, government administrative organs, and local governments. The DG Group is promoting the “DG FinTech Shift,” a group strategy that integrates payments and data. With DGFT, which is active in the payment industry, at the core, DG will continue supporting Japan’s DX and contributing to sustainable social development by creating next generation DX businesses not only with the Group but also with strategic partners in various fields.

■ Comment from ServiceNow Japan
“ServiceNow Japan welcomes the release of DGFT’s “VeriTrans4G Connector.” This linkage will further accelerate DX by local governments by accomplishing what we are advocating: 1) Multi-application all the time, everywhere, 2) A single point of contact that doesn’t confuse residents, 3) A digital workflow connecting residents and city offices, 4) A single database that enables data integration, and 5) An open platform structure founded on system integration. I am confident that this will become a representative model for providing consistent administrative services through ServiceNow for an increasingly diverse range of resident services. By utilizing “Spoke” for external system linkage and Flow Designer for the workflow, I expect that we can support flexible administrative services to meet the business needs of local governments.” (Vice President and Managing Director James McCready, ServiceNow Japan GK)

■ About “VeriTrans4G” comprehensive payment solution
“VeriTrans4G” is a next-generation comprehensive payment solution compatible with the most significant number of payment methods in the industry, including not only basic payment methods using credit cards, convenience stores, and banks, but also e-money, carrier payments, various ID-based payment methods such as PayPay, and international payment methods such as UnionPay and Alipay. Based on a system with Japan’s highest level of security and fully compatible with the non-retention of card information, “VeriTrans4G” includes essential functions such as recurring billing and card information update functions. It also comes standard with various security options to prevent fraudulent use.

“VeriTrans4G” is a multi-channel payment service that supports various industries and business formats both online and offline, from e-commerce websites to physical stores. It is used in a range of business models, including subscriptions, mobile orders, and service platforms.

■ About “Now Platform,” the digital workflow platform from ServiceNow
ServiceNow digitizes business infrastructure at organizations such as companies and local governments, and creates cloud-based digital workflows to promote DX in a wide range of industries. This platform is used at roughly 7,400 companies, including 80% of the Fortune 500 companies chosen according to revenue by Fortune, an American business magazine.

“Now Platform” offers applications including services for IT service management, customer services, security operations, and human resource management via individual platforms with portals, databases, workflows, development environments, and machine learning functionality that can be easily utilized according to demands and needs. Workflows can be created across multiple divisions from the vast range of work processes at an organization. Companies can easily create original work applications through no-code development, which means they can speedily carry out digitization and promote optimization for their organization and also offer high-level user experiences to customers and employees, without needing any IT engineers.

【About ServiceNow】
Visit the following websites for more information.
ServiceNow Japan site: https://www.servicenow.co.jp/
ServiceNow Japan Store site: https://store.servicenow.co.jp/

【About DG Financial Technology, Inc.】https://www.dgft.jp/
DGFT is a payment service provider offering comprehensive payment services to online business operators, including E-Commerce, as well as stores and other face-to-face business operators. With an annual payment transaction amount of over 3.6 trillion yen, this payment service is used by more than 170,000 participating merchants (as of March 31, 2022). VeriTrans Inc. was renamed “DG Financial Technology, Inc. (DGFT)” in April 2021. Focusing on “DG FinTech Shift”—a Group strategy to integrate payments and data—DGFT provides support in the payment and financial fields for cashless payments and DX by business operators. DGFT will continue contributing to the sustainable growth of society through its infrastructure businesses that are useful to society, by providing highly convenient functions and services to participating merchants and consumers (who are the end users), as well as reliable, safe, and pleasant payment experiences.

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