Digital Garage



Digital Garage is a "context" company.

In the summer of 1995, foreseeing the coming of the age of Internet opportunities, Joichi Ito (co-founder and director) and I jointly created Digital Garage, Inc. Finding a concept that wouldn't become obsolete in 30 years was our inspiration in becoming a creator of contexts to fit the Internet age.

The word "context" is often used in describing the text that surrounds a particular passage, which determines its meaning. The academic definition, however, is that of a basic perception (shared information) for the relationship, background, culture and philosophy between two communicators. Lately, it has become a keyword across various disciplines, such as marketing, linguistics, information technology and artificial intelligence.

Digital Garage was founded so we could contribute to the building of a better society by creating the Internet contexts for "real space" and ever-expanding "cyber space," as well as by connecting Japan with countries overseas, marketing with technology and the present with the future.

Since then, Digital Garage has invariably positioned itself at the forefront of the Internet and has implemented many first-ever, Internet-based projects in Japan. We believe that our history is a parallel of the history of the Internet in Japan.

As Digital Garage persists in its efforts to add another new page to this dynamic history, we appreciate your ongoing interest and support for our present and future success.


Kaoru Hayashi
President and Group CEO
Digital Garage, Inc.