Our Businesses


Digital Garage provides "new contexts" through the Internet by implementing three core technologies: IT (Information Technology), MT (Marketing Technology), FT (Financial Technology). Our core competence is the ability to integrate these multi-disciplinary technologies together into a one-stop seamless solution.

As a "context company", Digital Garage combines events occurring in different business fields by using the three technologies IT, MT and FT, in order to complete a new "context."

The seeds of business nurtured by Digital Garage are flourishing under the three business segments. The "Incubation Segment" invests in prospective startups and develops media business, the "Marketing Segment" provides advertising/promotion solutions that reach each consumer and the "Payment Segment" offers payment solutions crucial for monetizing on the Internet. These business segments and the subsidiaries are on the verge of bearing fruit as their branches and leaves continue to grow. Digital Garage's management practice enables different corporate entities to operate independently, while acting and resonating in union at the same time.
Digital Garage will continue to place emphasis on the power of group collaboration. Please pay attention to Digital Garage as we make progress and pioneer the future of the Internet.


Creating New Values with Strive,
Cooperation, and Resonance

By creating new contexts and incorporating its three core technologies freely across business sectors, Digital Garage's four business segments: "Incubation Technology Segment", "Marketing Technology Segment", "Financial Technology Segment" and "Long-term Incubation Segment" were born.

"Incubation Technology Segment" incubates promising startups and develops new businesses. "Marketing Technology Segment" actively engages in marketing promotions, creates and offers new solutions to best fit each customer's specific requests. "Financial Technology Company" provides payment solutions crucial for the monetization of the internet business.

With each segment growing organically to expand DG Group's presence, our newest segment: "Media Incubation Segment" creates innovative businesses by overlapping its three segments and accelerates their growth. In addition to putting efforts on accelerating the growth of its segments, "Long-term Incubation Segment" will also enter new territories such as medical treatment and biotechnology.
Through these four segments, Digital Garage aims that "decentralized and aligned organization"; building a group with "different business entities that act independently, but at the same time cooperates and sympathizes as a whole company".
Please stay tuned as Digital Garage will continue to challenge the future of Internet technology.


    Providing one-stop comprehensive solutions by transcending marketing;
    growing to a Fintech conglomerate

    Particularly econtext and VeriTrans, which have provided online payment services since the dawn of EC in the late 90s, are expanding their business areas; as Japan's biggest online provider, not only in EC payments but also to real payments areas and remittance services on this cashless payment movements. Nowadays they are providing one-stop comprehensive solutions through business expansion in Asia especially to Indonesia, India, and Vietnam, which show rapid growth in EC markets, and also transcending marketing utilizing DG group's services and networks; continuing its growth as a Fintech conglomerate.


    A group of marketing specialists to open up the age,
    using overwhelming know-hows and cutting-edge technologies

    Digital Garage has treated marketing as the main since its foundation.
    As the company's marketing segment, the Marketing Technology Company strongly supports advertisements and promotions of business partners through their original marketing planning theories and cutting-edge technologies; having the Mission "Connecting Marketing and Technology and creating contexts beneficial to the society to contribute to our customers and partnering companies". With recently established original marketing methods such as data marketing using DG group data, and O2O marketing utilizing know-hows cultivated both from cyber/real world, the Marketing Technology Company is now showing presence in the marketing world.


    Create Internet services for the next generation
    to change the world with Open Innovation

    At the Incubation Technology Segment, we look globally for promising startup companies to support through funding, mentoring, networking and business management direction, but also work with current partners to create new business alliances and launch new business entities within the DG Group. With countless opportunities to create new values and alliances to output "services that benefit society", the Incubation Technology Segment strives to be at the pinnacle of this sector.


    Create a new business foundation; taking advantages of progressing cutting-edge technologies
    which connect various business areas that once never seem to be connected

    Long-term Incubation Segment was born aiming to create a new business foundation to follow Kakaku.com to support Digital Garage's growth across the current three segments with new value-adds. Specifically plans to collaborate with Kakaku.com and to create a new media, aiming to expand the ongoing business sectors across other segments, or start up another business sector in new areas such as medical treatments and biotechnology.