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Sustainability for Digital Garage, Inc.

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Digital Garage’s purpose is “Designing ‘New Context’ for a sustainable society with technology.”

Sustainability initiatives are expected to become more important considering the evolution of technology and the values of global society in response to the emergence of new social issues. The DG Group will enhance its sustainability management by incorporating "Environment," "Social," and "Governance" perspectives.

Since our founding, we have supported the growth of various sectors of the Japanese Internet, including payments, Internet media, advertising, and startup incubation. We believe that to create a better society, it is crucial to collaborate not only with our employees who are willing to "contribute to society" and with our shareholders and investors but also with our stakeholders, including our investment partners, alliance partners, business partners, and local communities.

As a Japanese technology company, we will continue to create the context for the next generation, always considering the global-scale changes and challenges we currently face, such as global warming, increasing natural disasters, and conflicts among nations and ethnic groups.

Basic Policy on Sustainability

Digital Garage Group (the Group) has established its Mission & Values as “Integrating Technology×ESG×Incubation with the First Penguin Spirit, we continue to create sustainable “business context” from an earth-centric perspective.”
Under the viewpoint of “There are no boundaries on the earth as seen from the space and all human beings are parts of the ecosystems,” the Group has been addressing any challenges toward achieving its Mission & Values. Putting value on dialogues with various stakeholders, the Group strives to accelerate to realize sustainable management, aiming for contribution to ecosystems and further enhancement of its corporate value.

The Promotion System of Sustainability

Digital Garage, Inc. (the Company) has established the Sustainability Committee and Sustainability Management Office, a management office of the Committee, to accelerate the initiatives on sustainability management. The Sustainability Committee is held twice or more annually to accelerate the initiatives for policies on sustainability and major challenges, manage the progressive status, and periodically report them to the Management Committee and the Board of Directors.
Adding its collaboration with the Risk Management Committee, in charge of the Company-wide risk management, and the Risk Management Office, a management office of the Committee, the Company has established the system to reflect the results deliberated by the Management Committee and Board of Directors on formulation of management strategies, risk management, and its assessment. The President Executive Officer supervises the Sustainability Committee and Risk Management Committee, chaired by the Head of the Corporate Division with the members who are appropriately selected for accelerating the Group-wide initiatives. With the participation of the experts of outside directors in a suitable and timely manner, the Committee holds deliberations benefited from global and external expertise and cutting-edge information.

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