New Context

New Context


Business segment dedicated to
investing in and nurturing startups,
while also promoting the integration of cutting-edge technologies and businesses.

About Global Investment Incubation

Since our founding, we have developed unique sources for discovering and supporting the business development of promising startups both in Japan and internationally, including companies like Twitter (currently known as X). We assist in the growth and enhancement of our portfolio companies, which include startups at various stages and in different sectors making their mark globally. Additionally, we strive to maximize the corporate value of both the Digital Garage Group and these startups by leveraging Digital Garage Group’s assets in areas like payments and marketing.

Strength of Global Investment Incubation

Strength of Global Investment Incubation


Global Incubation Stream

Through our “Global Incubation Stream,” a unique deal source we’ve built since our founding across North America, Japan, Asia, and Europe, we reach out to promising startups and cutting-edge technologies worldwide. We discover and nurture these technologies, integrating them into the operations of the Digital Garage Group, prominently represented by our advanced payment platform.

Digital Garage Group

Europe, Asia, Hong Kong

San Francisco, New York


Incubating startups poised for global success

We support the growth and increase the value of our portfolio companies by investing in and nurturing a diverse range of domestic and international startups. Additionally, we are focused on revitalizing generative AI and related technologies.


Investing in and providing management support to startups building a sustainable future

In Japan, Asia, and North America, we actively invest in startups at various stages that are focused on fintech, digital transformation (DX), and addressing social challenges. We support the growth of companies across diverse domains, aiming to foster innovative and progressive initiatives to build a sustainable future.


Cultivating investments in startups that champion ESG initiatives

We invest in startups that address social and environmental challenges aligned with ESG principles, enhancing ESG management within the organizations we support through the Open Network Lab & ESG I Investment Limited Partnership, “Earthshot Fund”. Our “Earthshot Fund” supports startups involved in the Open Network Lab program, as well as other startups focused on various ESG areas. Additionally, as the fund’s general partner (GP), DG Incubation endorsed the “Japan Impact-driven Financing Initiative” in May 2022. We are actively collaborating with other financial institutions to discuss future investment strategies that aim to create positive environmental and social impacts through our portfolio companies.