New Context

New Context


Not simply promoting the advance of new technology,
but delivering it to society with a unique business perspective.

About Technology

To create a sustainable society, the pursuit of technological innovation alone is not sufficient. As a public corporation, we must also ensure that technology contributes to the positive transformation of society. We design and operate high-quality products and services that safeguard individual privacy and combine carefully selected technologies to forge safe, secure, and stable systems. Looking ahead, we conduct research and development on revolutionary technologies such as AI and blockchain that are poised to change our society, developing the products and services that will become pillars of our future business.

Technology for the Future

Our Approach

Digital Garage pursues technological development through three unique pathways that combine multiple business assets.
This approach supports the innovation of emerging technologies toward the creation of new products and services and ensures
that they make positive contributions to our society.


Unleashing Innovation: Fostering technology through startup investment and development

Around the world there are promising startups with cutting-edge technologies. We reach out to them through our Global Incubation Stream, a unique venture startup support network active in North America, Japan, Asia, and Europe, and expanding continuously since the foundation of our company. We discover and nurture innovative technologies and incorporate them into the business of the Digital Garage Group, and our leading payment platform.

Digital Garage Group

Europe, Asia, Hong Kong

San Francisco, New York


In-house R&D organization to develop technologies


Deploying innovative technology to society, through our unique services and solutions

Digital Garage’s product development team understands the needs of the market and our customers and focuses on solutions that provide social value as well as business opportunity. The team shares ideas, and then discusses, and collaboratively solves problems. We are passionate about creating new solutions from scratch and have a mission to make the world a better place. Our products are innovative and successful in the marketplace due to the fusion of business and technology.

Tech Career

The Digital Garage Group is looking for professionals who will work together to create the future. Please click here for information on employment opportunities in the technology field.