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New Context


Business segment that provides data and technology-based solutions
centered on payment platforms

About Platform Solution

We provide business support to commerce businesses by offering a variety of complex solutions centered on payment platforms, ranging from promotions and e-commerce site construction to analysis of customer behavior and data utilization.

We provide a variety of businesses, including enterprises, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, and global companies considering the introduction of Japan’s unique payment methods, with payment methods that meet all payment needs, including credit card payment, payment at convenience stores, and QR code payment. We are contributing to the realization of a safe, secure, and convenient cashless society by providing businesses with optimal services in the expanding field of electronic payments for real stores as well as e-commerce in a wide range of industries.

Our Achievements in Numbers

Settlement Transaction Volume

Annual results from Apr. 2023 to Mar. 31, 2024



Number of settlements

Annual results from Apr. 2023 to Mar. 31, 2024


Number of merchant locations

End of Mar. 2024


Strength of Platform Solution

Strength of Platform Solution


Multifaceted support for businesses' commerce business

In supporting the commerce domain, we provide comprehensive services ranging from customer attraction, advertising, site construction, fraud detection, and settlement. We cover all the elements to improve end-user convenience and increase the profitability of commerce businesses, which are indispensable for business growth. We are not just a payment provider, but a partner to businesses, helping them expand their commerce business.


Respond quickly and in a variety of ways to aid business needs

It is designed to enable all types of businesses to grow efficiently, from startups looking for a speedy business launch to large global corporations that want to make effective use of the payment function. In addition, the provision of OpenAPI shortens the development period for introducing payment services, allowing you to provide services smoothly without slowing down your business.


Provides a secure and stable payment platform

As one of Japan’s largest payment processing companies, we have built a highly secure and stable system and provide a payment platform that enables a wide variety of payment methods. We are the first Japanese company to obtain PCI DSS (International Information Security Standard in the credit card industry) certification and maintain an advanced security environment. We also offer a variety of security options to detect, prevent, and address fraudulent use.



One of the largest domestic
Payment Platform

Providing payment services that combine a variety of payment methods with the highest level of security

Marketing consulting business

A wide range of consistent support in digital and real areas, from product and service awareness to customer attraction, usage promotion, and customer satisfaction

E-commerce site construction and operation

Providing a next-generation digital commerce platform from a technology perspective centered on site construction and operation

SaaS for EC businesses

Provides various marketing tools for businesses operating Internet shopping sites

Real estate advertising agency business

As a leading expert in advertising in the real estate industry, we provide optimal solutions based on strategic perspectives

Fraud Detection Solutions

Sales, support and consulting of fraud detection/prevention solutions and marketing solutions

System development business for the financial industry

Indian company with strengths in systems development and management for the financial and payment industries

Provision of deferred payment services

Joint venture with Nissen Corporation to develop deferred payment settlement business

For POS systems
Provision of payment solutions

Joint venture with Toshiba Tec Corporation to provide payment solutions for businesses using POS systems

Provision of payment solutions
for corporate clients

Development of settlement services and services in a joint venture with ANA Trading Co.

Provision of payment collection services to corporate clients of Resona Group

Operating Financial Service, such a payment collection agency, factoring, and payment business

Social Media Marketing Business

Support for advertising and marketing activities of companies with influencers as the main focus