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Platform Solution Segment

Business Concept

This is a business segment that combines the payment business and the marketing business; the payment business, which offers a comprehensive payment platform that includes all electronic payment methods, such as credit card payments which are essential for BtoC business transactions, QR code payments, and convenience store payments; and the marketing business, which strengthens customer attraction through comprehensive digital marketing that combines the internet and the real world and develops new data marketing utilizing the vast amount of information accumulated in the payment platform.

As one of Japan’s largest payment system providers, we provide a diversity of comprehensive payment platforms

As a payment service provider (PSP), in addition to credit card payments and convenience store payments, we collectively provide E-Commerce businesses and face-to-face retail stores with ever-increasing QR code payment services, as well as carrier payments.

Providing clients in a variety of industries with end-to-end marketing solutions that integrate digital and real

We provide a wide range of comprehensive support covering both digital and real-world domains, ranging from marketing strategy development to planning and consulting, advertising efficiency through targeting and analysis, creative production, app development, improving customer engagement, data analysis, and more. By doing so, we offer optimal marketing solutions to our clients' needs and issues.

*“Online Merges with Offline” A marketing philosophy that merges online and offline to remove the border between the two and have the starting point for everything begin online

Until now, we have categorized our payment and marketing businesses as separate business segments. However, by our Medium-term plan announced in 2023, we have launched a “Platform Solution Segment” that integrates these businesses.
With the continued growth of E-Commerce, cashless and digital transformation, we are pursuing a business strategy that integrates our business assets, including marketing support for payment platform providers and developing various marketing services that utilize payment and purchase data. This will further strengthen the recurring revenue structure.

Platform Solution Segment

  • 株式会社DGフィナンシャルテクノロジー

    DG Financial Technology, Inc.

    Provides leading payment solutions

  • マーケティングテクノロジーカンパニー

    Marketing Technology Company, Digital Garage, Inc.

    Supports clients' business through Online to Offline strategy and web marketing

  • econtext ASIA ltd.

    econtext ASIA ltd.

    Payment headquarters to expand e-Commerce platforms globally

  • ナビプラス株式会社

    NaviPlus Co., Ltd.

    Offers e-business growth hacking solutions based from a marketing perspective technology



    Provides real estate advertising solutions

  • DG FutureTech Inc.

    DG FutureTech Inc.

    Managed Services Provider

  • TDペイメント株式会社

    TD Payment Corporation

    Offers multiple payment solutions for POS systems

  • ANA Digital Gate株式会社

    ANA Digital Gate, Inc.

    FinTech-related payment solution business for companies

  • 株式会社SCORE

    SCORE Co.,Ltd

    Provides the postpaid shopping business.

  • 株式会社サイバー・バズ

    CyberBuzz, Inc.

    Provides the social media marketing business structured with influencers as its center part

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