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Long-term Incubation Segment

Business Concept

We are developing strategic businesses utilizing a strong business foundation based on payment platforms and customer assets from Japan's largest media, operated by our group company,
We are also advancing non-linear businesses, such as product development to support digital transformation in various industries, promoting cashless transactions, developing next-generation media, and implementing social applications of cryptocurrency and web3 technology.

Strategic Business Domains

Restaurants and retail stores

  • 食べログオーダー

    Tabelog Order

    This is a service that enables customers to browse menus, place orders, and make payments using their smartphones, achieving operational efficiency in restaurants. As part of our support for DX for restaurants and retail stores, we are collaborating with two other companies, our group company and our capital and business alliance partner Toshiba Tec.

  • Pangaea Delivery

    Pangaea Delivery

    This is a service that enables integrated DX support for restaurants and retailers, allowing them to manage multiple food delivery and takeout orders, product inventory, and POS integration on a single tablet.

Real Estate

  • Musubell


    This is a real estate DX platform that offers cloud services to support sales and contracts for new condos, real estate agent, and property surveys to improve operational efficiency and meet the needs of the real estate industry, which has been noted to be lagging in digitalization.

B2B Fintech

  • DGFT請求書カード払い

    DGFT Invoice Card Payment

    This is a service that practically moves out due dates of invoices by switching payments from bank transfers to credit card payments to support seasonal funding shortages and financing needs of SMEs.

  • クイックマネー

    Quick Money

    This is a funding service that contributes to the cash flow and operational efficiency of SMEs. It solves the challenges of time and effort required for loan screening and procedures and enables funding within as little as five business days.

Crypto / Blockchain

  • Pro


    This is a Crypto Inter-Dealer Brokerage and Settlement service, which combines settle on-chain with JPY tokens to achieve smooth access to domestic and foreign crypto asset markets.

  • Custody


    This is a service that safeguards your digital assets with our qualified, insured custody at a regulated company that holds a Crypto Asset Exchange license under Japan’s Payment Service Act.

  • OTC


    This is a crypto brokerage service for corporations engaged in web3-related business, payment service providers, institutional investors, and high-net-worth individuals. It allows our clients to buy and sell digital assets directly with our team of experts without the need for an exchange.

Long-term Incubation Segment

  •, Inc., Inc.

    Operates various web platforms such as a purchase support site ( , a restaurant discovery and reservation site (

  • Crypto Garage, Inc.

    Crypto Garage, Inc.

    Blockchain financial service R&D and business in the Fintech field

  • 株式会社BI.Garage

    BI.Garage, Inc.

    Develops and provides ad products incorporating cutting-edge web promotion and data science technologies

  • pen Network Lab, Inc.

    Open Network Lab, Inc.

    Provides support to Internet-business entrepreneurs with global visions

  • 株式会社ブレインスキャンテクノロジーズ

    Brainscan Technologies, Inc.

    Provides the brain MRI screening service and develop new services based on screening data platform.

  • 株式会社アカデミー・デュ・ヴァン

    Academie Du Vin

    Manages educational program and retails of wine

  • 株式会社PitPa

    PitPa, Inc.

    Develops a Podcast marketing business and customer engagement business utilizing web3

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