New Context

New Context


Business segment for strategic business development, including fintech services

About Long-Term Incubation

We are developing fintech services centered on the rapidly expanding B2B (business-to-business) payments based on one of the largest payment platforms in Japan, and promoting next-generation fintech businesses such as crypto assets and web3. We are also developing digital transformation services for the real estate and restaurant industries, where digital transformation has lagged behind, and promoting strategic businesses that leverage the customer assets of, one of Japan’s largest media companies.

Strength of Long-Term Incubation

Strength of Long-Term Incubation


Solving industry-specific issues by providing solutions to accelerate digital transformation

We are developing a variety of services to solve industry-specific issues, such as SaaS that automatically selects and generates necessary documents for real estate transactions and executes electronic contracts, SaaS that helps restaurants and retailers improve operational efficiency and increase food delivery sales, and payment services that reduce waiting time for payment after a medical examination. In addition, we are developing products that expand the touch points of payment by digging deeper into each industry.


Solving Business Problems with SaaS Solutions across industries

Through Embedded Finance, we develop fintech services focused on the B2B market by integrating payment functions into everyday services provided by non-financial businesses. We help individuals and SMEs improve their cash flow and operational efficiency, thereby facilitating business growth and operational efficiencies.


New business development using Blockchain and AI

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain and AI, we are developing a variety of services that combine technology and payments. For example, we are developing highly reliable credit services by combining payment data with AI technology. In addition, because we hold a crypto asset finance license, we are able to handle all aspects of service development and implementation in the Blockchain area.


Business development in collaboration with group company

Focusing on the food & beverage, travel, and e-commerce markets where the Digital Garage Group can leverage its strengths, collaboration is underway not only in payment and marketing collaboration, but also in the areas of startup business nurturing and R&D. Going forward, we will continue to promote business collaboration utilizing new technologies such as generative AI, as well as strategic businesses that leverage the customer assets of, one of Japan’s largest media companies.