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Marketing Technology Segment

Business Concept

Providing clients in a variety of industries with end-to-end marketing solutions that integrate the digital and real

The Marketing Technology Segment is providing a one-stop service ranging from streamlining advertising using agency functions, affiliate and targeted marketing, analysis and the like, and providing creative output to app development and planning consultation.


*“Online Merges with Offline” A marketing philosophy that merges online and offline to remove the border between the two and have the starting point for everything begin online

Marketing Technology Segment

  • マーケティングテクノロジーカンパニー

    Marketing Technology Company, Digital Garage, Inc.

    Supports clients' business through Online to Offline strategy and web marketing

  • 株式会社BI.Garage

    BI.Garage, Inc.

    Develops and provides ad products incorporating cutting-edge web promotion and data science technologies

  • 株式会社DGコミュニケーションズ


    Provides real estate advertising solutions

  • 株式会社サイバー・バズ

    CyberBuzz, Inc.

    Provides the social media marketing business structured with influencers as its center part

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