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Our Philosophy

With the First Penguin Spirit mindset, Digital Garage strives to contribute to make a better society by connecting internet business to various fields, shaping contexts, and creating new businesses.


Our mission as a "context" company

President and Group CEO KAORU HAYASHI


Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO

It was in the summer of 1995 that Joichi Ito (co-founder and current director ) and I established Digital Garage in anticipation of the imminent arrival of the Internet. In our exploration into uncovering "the concept that will not become obsolete for more than 30 years," we decided to create "a company that creates 'context' for the age of the Internet."

Context, commonly used to refer to the parts of a written statement that influence the statement's meaning or effect, is used in the academic word to denote the awareness shared by two communicators founded on the relationship, background, culture, philosophy, etc., they have in common (shared information). Today, the term "context" has emerged as an important keyword in marketing, linguistics, information engineering, artificial intelligence and various other business and academic disciplines.

We created Digital Garage as a company that creates "context" useful for the world, seeking how we can create "context" in ever-growing cyberspace, as well as real space, and how to connect Japan with the rest of the world, marketing with technology and the present with the future.

Since then, Digital Garage has consistently positioned itself at the cutting edge of the Web, engaging in projects that have been recognized as "Japan's first" endeavors in their respective genres. We take pride in the fact that the history of the company represents the history of the Internet in Japan.

And, we intend to work relentlessly in our pursuit of new paths, to make our mark in the history of the Internet, and look forward to your ongoing support of Digital Garage's present and its future.



Stepping into unchartered business areas with courage

Penguins must catch fish in order to survive.
However, there are many predators, such as killer whales and leopard seals, lurking in the treacherous sea where they have to go for food.
In face of the danger, there is the first penguin that takes the plunge into the waters with courage in its search for food.
Digital Garage Group values this "First Penguin Spirit", which represents courage in the face of risks, and the strong will to plunge headlong in order to achieve the goal. This has been the Group's credo since its establishment. This spirit is upheld by each Digital Garage employee in their day-to-day business activities, to become the pioneering "First Penguins" that deliver services that benefit and serve society.


The "Digital Garage First Penguin Award" was established to praise and support those who embody the First Penguin Spirit and actively contribute to the world through their participation in technology, art, culture, or sports, and their contribution in fostering the next generation.

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Values shared by all employees

Each and every employee at Digital Garage takes pride in their work. They take pride both in their customers and themselves and embrace their work in order to "create new contexts and make contributions to society." The values that they share are called DG Pride and are printed as credo on the back side of their ID cards and carried around at all times. Whenever an employee feels distressed or uncertain, they can read DG Pride once more to return to the basic principles and move forward.


AUTHORITY - Timothy Leary

"Think for yourself and question authority"

Since its founding in 1995, this quote has been a part of the corporate credo of Digital Garage, which has continuously grown alongside the development of the Internet in Japan.
Consistently at the forefront of the Internet industry and introducing revolutionary change in social mechanisms, from communication to financial transactions, our employees meet the demands of versatility to think beyond the constraints of convention.
Digital Garage is what it is today because each and every person in the company stands by these words.