Privacy Policy

Handling Personal Information

Name of business operator: Digital Garage, Inc.

Name or title of manager (or representative), organization, and contact:
Name of Manager: Chief Privacy Officer (Director in charge of Corporate Strategy Division)
Contact: Personal Information Protection Desk 3-6367-1111

Purpose of use

Digital Garage, Inc.(hereinafter referred to as "DG") shall use personal information it obtains solely for the following purposes, except when required by laws and regulations or as specified in the terms of use of our service, etc.:

  1. Personal information of applicants shall be used for promotional activities, including prize offering and campaigns outsourced to DG from clients and consignors.
  2. Personal information of visitors to the DG website who give their consent to receive our email newsletters on products, services, campaigns, events, etc. shall be used for sending such email newsletters.
  3. Personal information of users of our settlement service shall be used to carry out such service in EC business, etc.
  4. Personal information of individuals seeking a career change or new employment shall be used to carry out our career-change and recruitment service.
  5. Personal information of registered individuals and persons seeking temporary employment shall be used to carry out our temporary staff service.
  6. Personal information of DG shareholders shall be used in order for DG to perform the rights and obligations, and send documents, etc., in accordance with the laws and regulations.
  7. Personal information of an individual shall be used to identify and verify the individual when he/she contacts DG.
  8. Personal information of applicants for employment with DG shall be used in order for DG to examine the person's qualifications.
  9. Personal information of employees of DG shall be used for personnel and labor management of DG.
  10. Photographs and videos of visitors to DG reception and office shall be used for DG to carry out security control.
  11. Personal information of customers who have personally registered for DG services shall be used in order to provide necessary service and support.
  12. Personal information of individuals shall be used when DG examines and analyzes its own marketing data and for clients and consignors who outsource work to DG. * Among the above mentioned items, Items 1, 2, 3 and 12 are handled by our outsourcing services and are therefore not subject to disclosure.

* Please note that the DG reception desk and office are monitored with surveillance cameras for security control.

Provision to third parties

DG shall not provide any personal information to any third party without the consent of the individual, except in cases permitted by laws and regulations, cases where DG outsources part of its services, and cases defined in the our service terms, etc.


DG may outsource part of its service to an outsourcing contractor and provide personal information to the outsourcing contractor in order to offer better services to its customers. In such cases, DG shall select an outsourcing contractor who can maintain a sufficient level of confidentiality, and conclude an agreement with the outsourcing contractor regarding the protection of personal information, and thoroughly oversee and supervise the contractor regarding such personal information.

Complaints and Inquiries

  1. Customer rights
    If a customer personally requests DG to inform him/her of the purpose of use of his/her personal information, or wishes to disclose, correct, add, delete or remove his/her personal information, or wishes to discontinue the use or provision of such personal information to a third party (hereinafter collectively referred to as "disclosure, etc."), DG shall abide by such wishes in good faith according to the laws and regulations.

  2. Disclosure, etc. For procedures to request disclosure, etc., click here
  3. Information Desk
    Please contact the following Information Desk regarding disclosure, etc., of personal information including complaints and inquiries.
    [Information Desk]
    Personal Information Protection Desk, Digital Garage Inc.
    Daikanyama DG Bldg., 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022, Japan

    * The above @ character is a double-byte character used for anti-spamming.
    Please replace the character with a single-byte @ character when emailing.

Voluntary provision

Provision of personal information to DG is voluntary. However, if an individual wishes to withhold part of the personal information needed by DG, DG may by unable to conclude an agreement with the individual or provide services to such individual. In case of major changes in DG's personal information protection policy, DG shall publicly post the changes on its website.


Cookies are used on some pages of the DG website. A cookie is a text file received from the web server containing information of each visitor to the site, and is stored on a hard disk. Cookies are assigned to each user, and can be read only by the web server in the domain that sent the cookie to a web browser. A cookie notifies the web server when a specific user visits the same web page and through which web browser. In this way, when a user accesses the same page on DG's website on the same web browser, the web server reads the past cookie data through the web browser. A cookie can save time when a visitor is entering data, etc. A visitor may disable the cookie settings from the web browser. However, if cookies are disabled, all of DG's services may not be fully available.

Direct Mailing

DG may send email messages to customers who provide consent, regarding services provided by DG. These emails introduce various products and services currently available and those which will be offered in the future, as well as notices from advertisers.


Please note that personal information made accessible over the Internet can be gathered and/or used by other Internet users. Exercise caution when handling your personal information. Except when specifically stated in the rules for each our individual service, DG does not assume responsibility or liability for any other independent rules regarding personal information protection and data gathering. This also applies to the activities of any third party operating a website and/or services which may appear as a result of a search on the DG website, or advertisements posted on the DG website. Before providing personal information on the website of a third party, check the rules and terms of use of that website.