「Kakaku.com」and VeriTrans forms alliance to provide overseas delivery service.

New website「BuySmartJapan」by VeriTrans provides a multilingual shopping cart, the display of shopping pages in 4 languages and overseas delivery to 120 countries and regions.

Kakaku.com, Inc. (TSE First Section: 2371, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President: Minoru Tanaka, henceforth, “Kakaku.com”) and VeriTrans Inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Kaoru Hayashi / CEO: Takashi Okita, henceforth, “VeriTrans”) have made it possible for users from overseas to purchase products on 「Kakaku.com」through a new website:「BuySmartJapan」.

Shopping website 「Kakaku.com」is used by over 45 million people, while overseas users reached over 1 million(as of September 2013). However, the stores listed in Kakaku.com rarely supported overseas delivery, hence it was not possible for overseas users to purchase products. To solve this problem, 「Kakaku.com」formed an alliance with「BuySmartJapan」, a website developed by VeriTrans that provides a shopping cart function in 4 different languages (English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese) and supports overseas delivery to 120 countries and regions.

【How「BuySmartJapan」 works】
「BuySmartJapan」is a new website developed by VeriTrans. Using the cross-border platform, 「VeriTrans XP」, which is also developed by Veritrans, it provides a shopping cart function in 4 different languages: English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, and Japanese, and supports overseas delivery to 120 countries and regions. By forming an alliance with 「Kakaku.com」, users of 「BuySmartJapan」 can access product information from 「Kakaku.com」, with the shopping screen displayed in the selected language based on each the locale of the overseas user (determined based on the user’s IP Address outside of Japan). Besides credit card, accepted payment methods are AliPay, China-UnionPay and Paypal. Therefore, overseas users can purchase products easily and safely. VeriTrans acts as the purchase agent who buys from the stores on「Kakaku.com」and delivers the purchased products to overseas users.

【Service Scheme】

【In the Future】
Kakaku.com and VeriTrans will continue to work on the optimization of 「BuySmartJapan」for users who visit「Kakaku.com」from all over the world, and provide a user-friendly purchase support service for overseas users.

【About Kakaku.com】http://corporate.kakaku.com/
Operates multiple websites such as shopping websites,「Kakaku.com」and gourmet website,「Tabelog」. While expanding its scope of service from shopping, gourmet, travel, properties, entertainment to financial services, Kakaku.com supports consumers by optimizing their purchasing activities from a neutral and impartial ground.

【Kakaku.com Website Data】(As of September 2013)
Monthly number of users: 44,310 million, Monthly page view: 911 million PV, Total number of reviews: 16 million reviews
PC: 30 million, Smartphone: 13 million, Feature Phones: 770 thousand

【About VeriTrans】http://www.veritrans.co.jp/
A subsidiary company of econtext ASIA Limited, is one of the leading online payment service providers within the Digital Garage Group. With the mission of supporting EC operators to focus on their core business, VeriTrans provides a comprehensive online payment service platform which allows for a variety of settlement methods including credit card payment and convenience store payment. VeriTrans continues its business development to build a global electronic settlement platform covering the international market with a focus on Asia and Japan.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/veritrans_group
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veritransgroup

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