Digital Garage Launches “JR KYUPO Point Mall”, a Member-Preferential Shopping Site of JR Kyushu

Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG) starts to provide the member preferential shopping site “JR KYUPO Point Mall” from Tuesday, March 27, 2018 to JR Kyushu web members* owned by Kyushu Railway Company (TSE first section 9142; HQ: Fukuoka; President: Toshihiko Aoyagi; JR Kyushu).

JR Kyushu had developed three point services “e rail point”, “JQ point” and “SUGOCA Point”, but since July 2017 they merged them into “JR KYUPO”. Enhancing the convenience of the JR Kyushu web members this time, DG and JR Kyushu have started to offer “JR KYUPO Point Mall”. When a member purchases goods and services at more than 500 EC shops in the point mall, he can accumulate “JR KYUPO” points in addition to predetermined points of EC shop according to the purchase price. The accumulated points can be exchanged for charging to “SUGOCA” and partner’s point service, etc. Through the point mall, we will expand the distribution volume of “JR KYUPO” and revitalize communication with JR Kyushu web members.

DG has been working on the point mall’s site construction and operation for over 10 years. There are proven track records of introducing to more than 20 companies, including major credit card companies, and DG’s cumulative annual circulation amount of the whole point mall is about 100 billion yen. Thus, as the industry leader, DG supports marketing activities that enhance the engagement of members owned by companies. DG will utilize the extensive know-how on effective point malls to consistently build and operate the site of “JR KYUPO Point Mall” and contribute to the expansion of use of “JR KYUPO”.

Going forward, DG and JR Kyushu intend to maximize the distribution of JR KYUPO and strengthen cooperation to make it more convenient and affordable for all members.

“JR KYUPO Point Mall” site:

* “JR Kyushu web member” is a member who can use JR Kyushu Internet service (JR Kyushu Internet train reservation service, etc).

※ “JR KYUPO Point Mall” site image

【About point mall business of DG】
We are developing a point mall platform unique to DG, and the platform has the following features.
・UI and UX design tailored to the characteristics of the membership organization owned by the partner company
・Multi-device compatible (PC, smart phone, application)
・Construction of external authentication interface, aggregate data interfacing interface according to the system of the company to be provided
・10 or more ASP connections
・Abnormality detection function by machine learning (tracking deficiency, illegal order, etc.)
・Single sign-on (SSO) function

【About the Digital Garage】
To create “context” in the Internet age, this listed company in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange was founded in 1995, focuses on marketing, payment and investment businesses.
The marketing technology segment ( is based on WEB promotion as a Web strategy (production and operation of WEB site and applications) and CRM solution (activation of EC and member sites). We will provide digital marketing in one stroke. In recent years, we have developed new business such as application/data/inbound and utilize state-of-the-art technology. We are providing support as a “business strategic partner” to lead client’s growth.

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