VeriTrans Releases “Payment Service for Contact Center conducting Telework”

~Supporting Contact Centers Start Conducting Telework due to the COVID-19~

VeriTrans Inc. (HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Shino; VeriTrans), a payment service provider and subsidiary of Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG), releases the “Payment Service for Contact Center conducting Telework” to support telework by employees at call centers and other facilities as a prevention of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

■ Outline of the “Payment Service for Contact Center conducting Telework”

Contact centers sometimes process credit card payments for orders received from customers. Business operators handling card information must build environments for the non-retention of credit card information so it is not passed through, processed on, or saved on participating merchant servers, networks, work terminals, etc. as a security measure stipulated by the Installment Sales Act.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the government’s recommendation to companies to conduct telework to prevent the spread of the virus, many companies have started considering and implementing telework. However, it is difficult for contact centers to provide external environments where card information is not retained at employee homes and other locations. Therefore, many business operators cannot shift to telework.

There are two ways for contact centers to not retain card information. “External methods” use tablet terminals or other dedicated terminals, both designed for credit card payment usage, which enable not to pass through or save the card information in the business operator’s environment. “Internal methods” use PCI P2PE*1 certified terminals to encrypt card information, which are the equivalent of not retaining the card information even if it passes through the business operator’s environment. Both these methods require dedicated credit card payment terminals.

VeriTrans releases “Payment Service for Contact Center conducting Telework,” which makes the non-retention of card information possible without a dedicated terminal. With this service, when a credit card payment is made for an order received at a contact center, the consumer is switched from the operator to an automated voice system to enter their card number and complete the payment.

The card number is processed and saved in VeriTrans’ secure environment that conforms to PCI DSS*2. The operator taking the order does not handle any card information, which allows them to accept credit card payments in their telework environment. With the introduction of VeriTrans’ dedicated payment module, they can easily use the service by preparing telephone equipment that can forward to outside telephone lines, and a computer connected to the Internet. This service is available starting from one operator.

■ Future developments

As a leader in payment services industry, VeriTrans will speedily grasp industry trends to offer more payment methods and solutions required by both e-commerce business operators and consumers.

▼ Inquiries about this service

FinTech Business Division, VeriTrans Inc.
TEL: 03-6367-1510

【”Payment Service for Contact Center conducting Telework” payment process】

*1: PCI P2PE: A security standard for point-to-point encryption (P2PE) in which card information read by the merchant’s POI device (device for reading card data) is promptly encrypted, and the card information is protected until it arrives at the safe decryption environment.
*2: PCI DSS: Stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.” A global security standard for card information protection jointly formulated by international credit card brands such as Visa and JCB.

【About VeriTrans】
A payment provider that carries out online payment, POS payment, barcode payment, and other initiatives for the Digital Garage Group. VeriTrans supports cashless payments and business growth through payment solutions that can be used by business operators in a wide range of industries–such as logistics, services, manufacturing, government ministries, and local governments–in diverse channels including e-commerce, physical stores, and omnichannel developments. As a leader in the payment services industry, which has now grown into a basic social infrastructure, VeriTrans will work with DG Group company ECONTEXT to offer advice to government institutions and the credit card industry, along with speedy service that meets the needs generated by trends in business and policy. Such efforts will support the expansion of convenient solutions, along with a safe and secure environment, as required by EC businesses and consumers.

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