Digital Garage Partners with 1plusX on Capital and Business Alliance, Powering Development of Post-cookie Advertising across Japan and Asia

〜Developing a Cookie-less Advertisement Distribution Platform through Collaboration with 28 Leading Media Companies in Japan〜

The DG Group, centered on Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG), forms a capital and business alliance with leading Swiss marketing data platform, 1plusX AG (HQ: Zurich, Switzerland, Jürgen Galler, CEO and Co-Founder; 1plusX). Operating via BI.Garage Inc. (HQ: Tokyo; President: Naohiko Iwai; BI.Garage) — data solutions provider for DG and its subsidiaries across Japan and Asia — the partnership will drive joint development of an advanced next-generation advertising offering for the post-cookie era.

The partnership will see DG and BI.Garage become the primary representatives of 1plusX in Japan, gain exclusive handling rights, and collaborate with the marketing intelligence company on building sophisticated data-related services. Shared efforts will aim to meet the increasing need across Asia for a cookie-less data platform, using 1plusX technology and supported by investment from BI.Garage and DG Daiwa Ventures Inc., (HQ: Tokyo; Representative Directors: Masahito Okuma and Akihiko Ogino; DG Daiwa Ventures), a joint venture between DG and Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

The 1plusX marketing data platform functions in compliance with strict privacy regulations for Europe and the United States, such as the GDPR and CCPA. Its proprietary technology is centered around first party data enrichment using artificial intelligence (AI), offering a refined machine learning engine that enables granular customer data analysis, content evaluation, and targeting, without the use of third-party cookies.

This alliance comes as many media companies in Europe and across the globe increasingly shift towards first-party data centric approaches. Several major organizations have already implemented the 1plusX platform as part of efforts to modernize data strategy and prepare for the post-cookie world, including Germany-based Ad Alliance; the largest European publishing alliance. Similarly, 1plusX is also well positioned to support companies with data enhancement that allows them to protect privacy, ensure brand safety for digital advertising and adhere to new regulation, especially following enactment of the revised Personal Information Protection Law and rising measures against ad fraud. Together, DG and 1plusX aim to improve the accessibility and adoption of next-generation ad platforms in Japan and Asia.

Working in close conjunction with the content media consortium — comprised of 28 leading regional media companies— the partnership will tap advanced privacy-secure and cookie-free data management capabilities to create advertising products that deliver maximum precision across leading media companies.

Kaoru Hayashi, Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO, Digital Garage, Inc. commented; “With the advanced data management capacity and scale of this new alliance, BI.Garage will provide much more effective and locally adapted data services for Japan; taking a significant step beyond previous data capabilities that are focused on global offerings, such as those of GAFA. The 1plusX next-generation ad platform of the post-cookie era provided by has already become the de facto tool in central Europe and is the most strict about personal information, we look forward to continuing this growth and making it the de facto in Japan and Asia.”

Naohiko Iwai, President, BI.Garage Inc., added: “The Content Media Consortium is a joint effort of Japan’s leading media to promote businesses aimed at creating media value on the Internet. In the post-cookie era, we will strive to expand the use of next-generation advertising platforms that reflect the value and trust of content media in advertising value with the consideration for privacy and deliver advertisements to appropriate targets.”

Jürgen Galler, CEO and Co-Founder, 1plusX, commented: “In partnership with Digital Garage Group, we will bring our leading marketing data platform to Japan and Asia, adapt it to the local requirements and create a powerful ecosystem built on high quality data and first-class media reach. Japan is one of the top advertising markets on this planet, through this partnership we will shape the future of digital marketing for the region. The entire 1plusX team is thrilled to embark on this development with the team of Digital Garage Group.”

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