Digital Garage Expands Functions of “Musubell,” a DX Engagement Platform for Real Estate Transactions

~ Adds Streamlining Functions for Management Company and Property Managers in “Musubell for Management” ~

– Digital Garage, Inc. (DG) expands following 2 functions of “Musubell for Management,” the latest service in the “Musubell,” which DG has been developing since 2020 as a DX engagement platform for next-generation real estate transactions that contributes to the efficiency of a wide range of real estate industry operations and safe and secure transactions.

■New “Musubell for Management“ function (scheduled from April 2024)
1. Management function for cooperatives
・Electronic contract signing based on the Act on Advancement of Proper Condominium Management
・Sending monthly revenue and expense reports
・Sharing of other reports

2. Functions for property managers
・Digitalization of daily report
・Online receipt of inspection reports from third-party contractors
・Management of schedules
・Document management for each managed property
・Emergency notification to the manager in the case of a disaster or other emergency

“Musubell for Management” has two standard functions: an online application service for accepting, approving, and sending the “Reports on Important Matters” requested by real estate agencies to management companies, and a credit card payment service for “VeriTrans4G,” a multi-payment service from DG Financial Technology, Inc.

About 6.36 million households* live in approximately 120,000 condominiums administered by property management companies in Japan. As these management companies are handling more and more buildings, prompt DX is necessary for overall cooperative management tasks due to more reporting done by paper documents and telephone, as well as a shortage of property managers.

■Goals of “Musubell for Management”
Through the following new functions, we aim to improve the efficiency of complicated communication between property management companies and various stakeholders (cooperatives, property managers, parties to whom business is outsourced) and provide a one-stop solution for paperless communication and reduction of mailing costs, in addition to contributing to solving the social issue of “shortage of property managers,” which is expected to become more serious.

*Reference: “2022 Condominium Management Survey Results,” Condominium Management Companies Association

【About Musubell】
A cloud service specializing in real estate sales and contract support. This service is a brand that DG has been developing since 2020 as a “DX engagement platform for next-generation real estate transactions” that contributes to the efficiency of a wide range of real estate industry operations and safe and secure transactions.

The service lineup has expanded to include “Musubell for the New Condo,” “Musubell for Real Estate Agent,” “Musubell for Property Survey,” and “Musubell for Management,” and continues to strengthen its functions and grow in collaboration with DG Group companies and partners.

The UI design allows for optimal organization of real estate operations by property, unit, and others and enables status management of internal applications and contracts and confirmation and management of the contract documents throughout the company. Thus, it promotes DX in real estate operations, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

We are also working to promote innovation in the real estate industry through the partner program for “Musubell,” which launched in 2023.

“Musubell for Management” web commercial can be viewed below.

【About Digital Garage, Inc.】
Digital Garage’s corporate purpose is “Designing ‘New Context’ for a sustainable society with technology.” Digital Garage operates a payment business that provides one of the largest comprehensive payment platforms in Japan. In addition, DG has a marketing business that provides one-stop solutions in the digital and real world, and a startup investment and development business that reaches out to promising startups and technologies in Japan and overseas.

Strategy and positioning of our service brand “Musubell”
To drive DX for businesses in the context of drastic changes in society and industrial structure, we have a DG group’s strategy, “DG FinTech Shift,” which integrates payments, data, and technology. Under this strategy, DG aims to achieve higher growth by implementing measures that contribute to the following aspects: market share expansion, development of new services, improvement and strengthening of the profit structure, and multi-layering of revenues.

Recently, the trend of DX has been pushing into the real estate industry, and business digitization is becoming increasingly important. On the other hand, many real estate-related companies need to introduce multiple digital tools, increasing their operational workload.

Against this situation, we have launched “Musubell,” a DX engagement platform for next-generation real estate transactions, as one of our key business initiatives from 2020.

We aim to create a sustainable society by developing new businesses utilizing DX and Fintech technologies, which are the assets of the DG Group, and promoting DX in various industries, including the real estate industry.

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