Governance 〜Initiatives on Governance〜

Compliance・Risk Management

The Group has determined its purpose as “Designing ‘New Context’ for a sustainable society with technology.”
Based on the purpose, the Group has established the guidelines appropriate for sensible and reasonable business persons to execute business operations. Please refer to these pages for details.

Promotion of Compliance Program

The executive officers and employees of the Group are required to act with integrity based on the ethics and values appropriate for business persons as members of the society.
Based on the recognition, the Group has established “Compliance Program” as a specific code of conduct applicable to the executive officers and employees of the Group with the code of conduct to realize a fair and proper management and harmonize with civil society through strict adherence to social norms, ethics and regulations.
The Company classifies business segments and others (hereafter referred to as “business classification”) as an operating holding company for its thorough enforcement, and the Head of Corporate shall oversee the initiatives on Compliance in a cross-segmental manner. Then, the persons in charge in Corporate Division shall provide education and awareness building to the executive officers and employees of the Group.
Based on the business classification, the Board of Directors shall oversee the Group and the Corporate Division shall supervise and grasp overall compliance-related situations in the Group. Besides, both the directors of the Board of Directors and the Corporate Division periodically report these activities to the Board of Directors and Audit and Supervisory Committee.

Responses in Case of Compliance Violations

In addition to legally regulated matters when reporting of suspected as compliance violations, the Group has established a system whereby any directors, officers, or employees of the Group, or any persons who have been engaged in their duties up to one year prior to the reporting act can directly report to the law firms served as internal or external contact points for the matters that may have a material impact on the Group and the status of compliance. Besides, the Group strives to ensure that the report shall be kept as confidential and protected, and the reporter shall be protected and free from any disadvantageous treatment.

Risk Management

The Group has established Risk Management Committee and Risk Management Office, its management office, with the purpose of enhancement of its risk management system. Strengthening the overall risk management system, the Group has established and implemented the cycle of assumption of potential risks, assessment of risks, development of risk management flows and monitoring. (executed twice or more per year)
Risk Management Committee mutually collaborates with Sustainability Committee and the Company has established a system to reflect the results deliberated at Management Committee and Board of Directors on formulation of management strategies, risk management and its assessment.
The President Executive Officer supervises both committees, chaired by the Head of Corporate Division with the members who are appropriately selected for accelerating Group-wide initiatives. With the participation of the experts of outside directors in a suitable and timely manner, the Committee holds deliberations benefited from global and external expertise, and cutting-edge information.
For the system, please refer to Sustainability Basic “Promotion Policy”.