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Financial Technology Segment

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As one of Japan’s largest payment system providers, we provide a diversity of comprehensive payment platforms

As a payment service provider (PSP), in addition to credit card payments and convenience store payments, we collectively provide EC businesses and face-to-face retail stores with an ever-increasing QR code payment services, as well as digital money services, starting with Suica. With cashless payments also being promoted as national policy, we are promoting a greater usage of digital payment for various taxes and charges. Furthermore, we are providing “Cloud Pay,” a multi QR code payment solution, combining DG Group’s assets.



  • 株式会社DGフィナンシャルテクノロジー

    DG Financial Technology, Inc.

    Provides leading payment solutions

  • econtext ASIA ltd.

    econtext ASIA ltd.

    Payment headquarters to expand e-Commerce platforms globally

  • ナビプラス株式会社

    NaviPlus Co., Ltd.

    Offers e-business growth hacking solutions based from a marketing perspective technology

  • TDペイメント株式会社

    TD Payment Corporation

    Offers multiple payment solutions for POS systems

  • ANA Digital Gate株式会社

    ANA Digital Gate, Inc.

    FinTech-related payment solution business for companies

  • 株式会社SCORE

    SCORE Co.,Ltd

    Provides the postpaid shopping business.

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