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Incubation Technology Segment

Business Concept

Providing investment companies with support by a wide range of growth stages through the global incubation stream

In the Incubation Technology segment, we are proceeding to invest in next-generation technologies in global areas, targeting venture companies at a wide range of growth stages. By supporting the acceleration of business expansion through collaborations in payment and marketing, fields in which the DG Group operates, and collaborations in new fields of technological development being worked on by DG Lab, we will aim to increase the value of the companies we invest in.


IT Segment

  • 株式会社DGベンチャーズ

    DG Ventures Inc.

    Invests in and incubates cutting-edge Internet startups

  • 株式会社DGインキュベーション

    DG Incubation, Inc.

    Supports startups that challenge the world through incubation and fund management

  • Open Network Lab

    Open Network Lab, Inc.

    Provides support to Internet-business entrepreneurs with global visions

  • 株式会社 DG Daiwa Ventures

    DG Daiwa Ventures, Inc.

    Runs the operation of DG Lab Fund

  • 株式会社DK Gate

    DK Gate, Inc.

    Researches and develops of next-generation content business companies in a global scale

  • 株式会社D2 GARAGE

    D2 Garage, Inc

    Supporting Startups originating from Hokkaido

  • Digital Garage US, Inc.

    Digital Garage US, Inc.

    The US-based global strategy headquarters

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