Digital Garage Enters the DOOH Market with the Launch of “SAKIZAKI TERUKO,” a Digital Signage Media for Beauty Salons

~18,000 Terminals to be Installed at Approximately 3,000 Salons Across Japan, Serving Video Content and Ads to 1.8 Million Monthly Users~

Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG) enters the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) market with the launch of “SAKIZAKI TERUKO (,” a digital signage media that serves video content and ads to beauty salon customers across Japan, on August 3, 2020. A total of 18,000 terminals will be installed at approximately 3,000 beauty salons across Japan by March 2021, with a planned monthly reach of about 1.8 million people.

The DOOH market (centered on transit advertising) in Japan is currently projected to grow due to factors such as the expansion of in-store media tailored to store and facility attributes. DG has previously offered consistent marketing scenarios and solutions in the real and digital realms, from promotion to data utilization and CRM. Now, DG has developed an original digital signage terminal optimized for beauty salon environments and installed it at beauty salons across Japan through a commercial agreement with P3,Inc.(Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market: 6696; HQ: Tokyo; Chief Executive Officer: Hidehiko Fujiyoshi; P3), an IoT device developer, and DALIA Incorporated (HQ: Fukuoka; CEO & President: Shinichi Takaki; DALIA), a comprehensive beauty wholesale trading company.

“SAKIZAKI TERUKO” is a digital signage media that provides useful information to users about beauty, fashion, food, lifestyles, entertainment and other parts of daily life based on the concept of, “Comfortable and unique for everyone.” The original character named “Sakizaki Teruko” answers user questions and concerns from her own unique viewpoint. The service also provides original content like horoscopes and ad content. High engagement is expected since customers tend to spend a long time in beauty salons. In addition, this service allows clients to conduct promotional activities, such as product sampling that ties with the content provided in “SAKIZAKI TERUKO.”

The digital signage terminal is equipped with “eve,” the monitoring system developed by P3 to measure effective views by confirming whether a customer is in the seat*. Plays when someone is not seated are not counted as effective views, and viewing reports are provided for content and ads.

DG will continue combining the groups’ assets and marketing expertise to offer more solutions that connect companies to customers.

【List of media brands providing content (as of August 2020)】

【Comments from ad client companies】

Congratulations on the launch of “SAKIZAKI TERUKO.” As we have more opportunities to engage in online video promotion recently, I have felt that the limited number of effective places to serve ads is an issue. I look forward to this service growing and beauty salon spaces serving as touchpoints for online video.

Ms.Tsuchiyama, Lion Corporation
Congratulations on the recent start of “SAKIZAKI TERUKO.” Lion released our “Method series,” medicated products that treat itchiness, in March 2020. While we use various marketing methods based on the KPIs of gaining recognition and having customers understand these products’ functions, we decided to use “SAKIZAKI TERUKO” because we thought it is a media for reliably approaching our targets by using TV commercials and in-store videos. I look forward to seeing the effects achieved when beauty salon users view our video content during their treatments.

Mr.Hirosawa, Kao Corporation
I expect this service to provide information tailored to experiences in the unique space of beauty salons, and to create natural points of contact with our brands. Although, ad serving optimization and verification of effects is difficult with signage media, I look forward to see how this service can create further developments in that field as well.

【Service outline】
・Service name: “SAKIZAKI TERUKO”
・Content served: Video content, original content, and video ads from media companies
・Locations: Beauty salons across Japan, including Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa
・Video ad serving options: Video ads are shown as commercials in segments of 30 seconds (up to 90 seconds) as part of 30-minute video content blocks

【Inquiries about this service】
OOH Promotion Department; Marketing Technology Company; Digital Garage, Inc.

*No information obtained from the monitoring system is recorded. Only anonymous data about whether customers are seated is sent to the server. Measures are taken to ensure privacy in conformance with the “Sensing Signage Guidelines” determined by the Digital Signage Consortium.

【About P3, Inc.】
P3 makes ideal products for the era by building a platform to connect people and things with the world’s most advanced digital technologies such as AI and IoT.

【About DALIA Incorporated】
DALIA is a comprehensive beauty trading company that provides total support including beauty salon training, seminars, cosmetic product sales, management support, and store design to development.

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