Digital Garage Joins MIT Media Lab’s “Space Exploration Initiative”

~Applying Space-related Technology to the DG Lab’s Blockchain and BioHealth Fields~

Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819; HQ: Tokyo; Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi; DG) joins MIT Media Lab’s “Space Exploration Initiative” (SEI, as currently the only Japanese company. The SEI aims to democratize access to Space, and promotes innovative research and development in the technologies and tools of space exploration, including experiments on zero gravity research flights. Through participation in the SEI, DG will consider the application of Space-related technology to the blockchain and BioHealth fields promoted by DG Lab.

DG through the SEI’s experiments and related events, plans to work on its R&D in the area where new innovations are expected, such as building sharing platforms that network existing satellites managed by blockchains, and the monitoring, impact analysis, and application method search of human physiological functions in Space.

“From the US and Japan, we will work on space technology innovation in each way. As the only Japanese company to co-sponsor the current project, DG pursues cooperation. DG creates contexts for the next 50 years utilizing Japan’s unique culture and specialized technology domains for the peaceful use of Space technology based on the Japanese past experiences” (DG Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi).

The SEI, launched by the MIT Media Lab in 2017, aims to promote innovation through projects unifying us independent of boundaries, cultures, and economies; looking beyond interests to global and interplanetary opportunities as we enter the New Space Age. Space exploration, which was once an exclusive, expensive and narrowly serious pursuit is now evolving to include a vast array of possibilities, thanks to the dropping costs of Space launches and CubeSats. The SEI is working to make Space accessible through the reach of DIY instruments, experiments, sensors, satellites, and ultimately through a new age of Space exploration. This year, to test 15 unique research projects from the SEI portfolio, SEI’s upcoming zero gravity research flight is planned for launch during the historic 50th anniversary year of the Apollo 11 flight, when astronauts were in microgravity on their way to the moon. Also, on July 25th, the globally live-streamed meeting with senior aerospace leadership, Lunar Exploration Convening, will take place.

“The state of development in the space industry today reminds me of where the Internet was in the early ’90s, when companies, individuals and NGOs began innovating on it, and unlocking a potential that was previously unimaginable. The cost of putting a satellite into orbit has dropped dramatically as private players are moving into space and transforming it into a robust environment for innovation, and for business. We are truly pleased to have Digital Garage join the MIT Media Lab in exploring exciting new possibilities in the space sector,” noted Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab Director. Ito is also a Digital Garage co-founder and board member.

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